• Eat Smart For Weight Gain

    Eat Smart For Weight Gain

    The suggestions indicated here are not meant for people with eating disorders,whose weight problems are complex.


    1. Follow a fitness program and a specific meal plan to build muscle.
    2. Even though higher fat foods deliver more calories, be fat savvy. keep your overall eating plan low in solid fats (chocolate, chips, margarine, butter…).  Replace solid fats with oils.
    3. Choose some foods with concentrated calories. Try: dry fruits,nuts and almonds and peanut butter. Garnish with olives, avocados, nuts, cheese, which have more calories.
    4. Eat more frequently. Try five to six small meals a day if your appetite is small.Stimulate your appetite.
    5. Drink fluids thirty minutes before and after meals, not with meals.  By limiting beverages at mealtime, you’ll have more room for food.
    6. Don’t fill up on low and no calorie foods or drinks such as diet sodas or diet candies. Rather try milk shakes, fruit juice, yogurt or trail mix bars.
    7. Enjoy a snack before bed time.
    8. Use the nutrition facts on food labels to choose nutrient-rich foods which also supply more calories.
    9. Make a shake or a smoothie if you can’t get enough calories from regular meals and snacks.

    Reference: Betsy H. and al.: American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, 4th Edition

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