• Myth: Carbohydrate Cause Weight Gain

    Myth: Carbohydrate Cause Weight Gain

    feculentsLimited research notes that carbohydrate rich food may cause weight gain in “insulin-resistant” people:  For these individuals, it’s speculated that the body reacts to sugars and starches by overproducing insulin and so causes too much carbohydrate to be stored as fat. So is carbohydrate (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta…) fattening???

    No, by themselves they ‘re not high in calories.

    There is 80 kcal for every:

    1. 100g potato
    2. 1/2  small loaf of Arabic bread
    3. 1/3 cup of rice or pasta
    4. 4 kaak fingers

    However high-fat toppings or spreads can add up to excess calories. In fact, there is 100 kcal in:

    1. 2 tsp oil or magarine or butter or mayonaise
    2. 3 tbsp of sour cream

    In conclusion, most of us don’t gain weight on a high-carbohydrate diet only excess portions and too many high-calorie foods with more added sugars and fat make you fat…

    Reference: Betsy H. and al.: American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, 4th Edition


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