Personalized Nutrition Plan

    Services-personalized-meal-planAfter having assessed the nutritional status of the body, a personal nutrition plan will be prepared and targeted to suit each one’s lifestyle, age, level of physical activity, and personality. You will be guided through every step along the way: from recipes to the complete lifestyle changes.

Follow Up

    Services-Follow-upSince letting go of bad habits in a short period of time reveals itself to be a rather hard task, follow-up nutrition counseling sessions are very important. They allow the dietitian to assess food records, behaviors and barriers, to later be able to reevaluate goal strategies… We will always be available to guide you and help you attain your goal.

Blood Intolerance Test

    Services-Blood-Test-IntoleranceDo you suffer from constipation, bloating, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, or chronic fatigue? The Food Detective intolerance test will identify 50 foods that you are intolerant to by measuring IgG antibodies, which may be linked to inflammatory conditions in the body.

Personalized Fitness Workout


    It is the combination of the personalized fitness workout and personalized nutrition meal plan that will yield the best results. Private personal training sessions may be given at home or at any gym.

InBody 230

    services-inbody-230Using the longstanding much trusted InBody technology for the body composition test, provides essential data for any weight control and fitness program. It also provides quick analysis of body composition as well as segmental muscle and body fat analysis.

Nutrition Education Tools

    Services-Nutrition-educational-toolsTo learn how to eat well is one of our primordial goals. That is why, at Nutritas, we help you understand the many food groups and the different amounts of energy, vitamins, and minerals each food has. All this will help you choose the right portion for every meal.