• Tea, Health Benefits???

    Tea, Health Benefits???

    Tea appears to have potential health benefits, perhaps derived from its flavonoids. Flavonoids work as antioxydants that may help protect body cells from damage done by free radicals. But the research evidence linking tea consumption and disease prevention isn’t yet certain. And there’s not enough evidence for specific advice about tea drinking.


    Some promising areas of study suggest that tea or tea’s flavonoids may :

    1. Reduce risk of gastric, oesophageal and skin cancers
    2. Offer protection from heart disease and stroke
    3. Play a role in relaxation or mental performance
    4. Lower cholesterol
    5. Prevent diabetes
    6. Burn fat
    7. Hold off dementia

    If you consume four to six cups a day!!!

    Creative ways to enjoy tea:

    1. Enjoy tea time in any moment of the day, steep it for at least three minutes to bring put the most flavnoids.
    2. Avoid bottled and canned ice tea that contain sugar and calories as regular sodas.
    3. Add a squeeze of vitamin C rich lemon, orange or lime juice in your tea because tea’s flavonoids partly inhibit the absorption of non heme iron (iron from legumes, grain products).
    4. For more calcium and vitamin D, enjoy “milk tea”: hot or cold tea added to milk. For example Chai(spiced milk tea) is made by brewing black tea and milk with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and pepper).
    5. Experiment with culinary uses of dried tea leaves: as a flavor rub for a toast, for tea marinated meat or in homemade sorbet.
    6. For the most potential benefit, drink your tea, rather than take a green tea extract as a dietary supplement. Tea itself may have health-promoting compounds that extract don’t have.

    Reference: Betsy H. and al.: American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, 4th Edition

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